From the Alumni Desk

From the Alumni Desk

Our alumni working in Digital across the globe share their insights with us. We will be publishing a series of interviews with the alumni of the  Advanced Master’s in Digital Business Strategy on
Digital Me Up. To begin, here’s the first one on Programmatic Advertising from Olivier Le Bas, VP Business Development at BidMotion.

What is programmatic advertising?

Let’s ask the experts. The former head of programmatic in EMEA at LinkedIn, Kenneth Kulbok, describes programmatic as “buying digital advertising space automatically, with computers using data to decide which ads to buy and how much to pay for them, often in real time”.

Programmatic Advertising in the field

What Google started nearly 10 years ago with its ad search, is now common parlance in digital advertising terminology. At present, the concept of programmatic advertising is being executed on through various channels such as TV, mobile, web, etc. The online advertising market is now growing rapidly and shifting from direct deals between an advertiser and a publisher to an automatized relationship between the two.

The future seems to be bright for programmatic advertising, as could be deduced from the exponential growth of its use. We are moving towards fully automated online advertising processes, whether it’s for video, audio, TV, mobile, you name it. Apart from this, we may also have automated campaign optimization at some point in time. After all, it’s the era of transforming most of the processes managed by humans to being managed by machine.

Starting from an advertiser’s brief to the campaign displayed on a publisher’s site, everything shall be automated. There are a lot of industries that rely on this technology.

Programmatic Around the World

America leads the world in programmatic advertising in terms of expertise, the number of companies operating, etc. We have also seen some really good trends in Western Europe. For example, there were certain startups working in this domain that became big companies. However, Europe is still catching up with America. The Asian market is yet to build a significant connection with companies in Europe and America working in this domain.

Advise to Digital Marketers

A digital marketer should educate himself prior to delving in the programmatic advertising journey. The processes and technology involved are quite complex and must be comprehended thoroughly. The way ads are displayed on the different devices is different, each having its own nuances. Digital marketers must understand the pros and cons of using this technology, and that different markets have different behaviours.

Programmatic and Mobile

The mobile market is the most advanced advertising market, being the first to work almost 100% on programmatic. Advertising on mobile is divided into two main categories: mobile web and mobile app. Ads displayed on web browsers concern mobile web and then there are those that are displayed on apps.