About the Advanced Master’s in Digital Business Strategy

About the Advanced Master’s in Digital Business Strategy

A Master’s Program Dedicated To Digital Business Strategy

The Advanced Master’s in Digital Business Strategy is a professionally oriented post-graduate Master’s program providing professionals with a hands-on learning experience in the digital arena.

As a result, learners in this program include young graduates as well executive students. Our teachers are recognised digital professionals from around the world and our students represent various nationalities.

Driving digital innovation forward

The program focuses on teaching the basics of digital strategy to professionals. The aim of our teaching is to help our learners drive digital endeavours and lead organisational changes within organisations.

Digital Business Strategy - GEM's Paris-based Master

It combines topics in digital management and other web-related fields of study to provide the students with a holistic view of digital.

Our aim is to equip them with the necessary technical and managerial know-how to execute successful digital strategies.

For students who are passionate about digital

Consequently, this program was made with different profiles in mind. Recent graduates passionate about digital, managers looking to scale efficiency of their businesses via digital, or leaders looking forward to implementing digital transformation, are examples of such profiles we are after.

The program resorts extensively to a ‘learning by doing’ method based on what we at GEM have named the GEM Learning Model.

Digital Business Strategy

The GEM Learning Model, our own blended learning methodology

Hence, students, aided by industry professionals, implement digital tools and effectuate digital strategies concerning approximately 15 digital domains. The GLM is the backbone of our teaching methods.

Moreover, for students interested in pursuing a role in digital, the program paves way for several career opportunities. After the completion of the program, students can fill various positions in businesses.

Depending on their age and background, they might become Digital Strategy consultants, digital and Social Media managers, Web Entrepreneurs etc. or CDOs and CDMOs.

One of the world’s leading business schools

Last but not least, Grenoble Ecole de Management is one of the world’s leading business schools. It offers the students a chance to connect with its illustrious alumni and grow their own professional network.

More information about the Master’s

To know more about the program, download our brochure, or visit our website http://en.grenoble-em.com/digital.

In addition to this, the following video from Campus channel will also answer most of the questions you may have about GEM’s Paris-based Advanced Master’s in Digital Business Strategy.

2018 Campus channel video about the Advanced Master’s program: