Social Selling: learning from worst practices – Oct 23 

Digital Me Up Webinar Series are a series of online events organised on behalf of GEM’s Paris-based Advanced Master’s in digital business. They take place once a month and deal with topics relative to Digital strategy and other Web-related matters. This webinar about social selling has been recorded and is now viewable in full in the following YouTube video.
Is Social Selling utter nonsense? Let’s save time for our readers, the answer is a resounding no’. What is nonsense, however, is the claim, voiced by some ’experts’, that one may just have to sit behind a computer to sell more. Here I have investigated this matter in the light of my field practice of both selling and social selling.

social selling webinarI have had a Social Selling itch for a long time

Social Selling

Mastering Social Selling Like A boss

When so many people are touting the benefits of social selling and businesses are changing their habits to accommodate new trends, there is always a risk that the trend becomes a fad and that all reason is lost. This is why, I have long wanted to answer the above question on this blog, and I decided to do it (disclosure) as part of an engagement with our client Touch & Sell. Here is an introduction and an English version of my blog post.

Salesmanship, Selling and Social Selling

Salesmanship is a subject which is dear to me for many reasons. A, because I used to be a salesman a long time ago. Even though I readily admit that I was not the best performer. B, for having designed marketing information systems for Europe and the rest of the world for many years (there, I was doing a far better job). Selling is a difficult job but a very enriching one, and I cannot help but reflect on all the things I learned because of it. Strangely enough, doing business is probably one of the least taught subjects in business schools. This is weird and also tale-telling, one mostly learns about sales in the field. Having said that, it’s also a shame, because there is a dire shortage of sales talents in many countries. It is a shame, in these times of unemployment and also of inequalities, which despite the economic recovery, continue to thrive. Sales is not only at the core of business, it is also a good way to improve one’s net worth. As a matter of fact, in some businesses, I have known top salespeople who earned more than the MD. social selling