Offsite session at Google

Matthieu Tran Van

We plan to publish a series of interviews with our lecturers, who are Digital professionals working in various industries. We bring to you the first one from Matthieu Tran Van, Global Performance Account Executive at Google, who teaches digital marketing for the Advanced Master’s in Digital Business Strategy at Grenoble Management School. He organized an offsite session and an exec session at Google this year. Following is the transcription of his interview.

Offsite session at Google for the Advanced Master’s in Digital Business Strategy students

I invited two experts from Google for the exec session: one from the performance side of marketing strategies and the other from the branding side. It was a one-hour session in which they met the students, shared their knowledge and answered all their questions. So, it was a good complement to the course because those two experts are kind of the left brain and the right brain. It was a great addition to the overall class. For the offsite session, we spent one full day with all the students at Google. It was a great occasion to not only show them the offices, but also make them feel the atmosphere one feels while walking in the office and then finally giving them the opportunity to present the case they had prepared in Google rooms. I am glad it was greatly appreciated. The idea was to make them feel like Google employees for one day.

Benefits for the students of the Advanced Master’s in Digital Business Strategy

Students at the Google office in Paris

It was really important for me to make sure that the students not only get my point of view on what digital marketing strategy is, but also have other experts’ points of view as well. This is to ensure that it gets richer for them in terms of content and in terms of approaches. As a lecturer, it was really rewarding for me to see that the whole session was highly motivating for the students. It was a great occasion for them to leave their class and experience how things happen in the professional world. They had the opportunity to feel the Google magic. It also boosted their enthusiasm to crack the case study, which was quite difficult this year, considering the very limited amount of time they had to present their answers.
Offsite visit at Google

Students at the Google office in Paris

The session was so successful, do you have plans for next year as well?

Certainly, we will try to redo this offsite session because it’s a very good practice. And when it comes to the exec sessions, I think that I will redo to them as well. What I will change is that I will try and bring even more people, especially from the client’s side or the advertiser’s side, i.e., people who are working in traditional companies and managing all the digital transformation there. I am sure it will be very enlightening for the students to listen to their experiences and ask them questions. So, I look forward to having even more exec sessions.